About Iminah

Iminah Laura Ahmad 

Iminah Laura Ahmad is one of the most sought after personalities on college campuses, schools and institutions globally. An award-winning  Speaker, Educator & Entertainer, she delivers performances, programs, lectures, keynote addresses and workshops at many esteemed global institutions.

Iminah is a leading authority on increasing the achievement of today’s students, especially those labeled “at-risk”.  Iminah is a living testament to the power of transformation, as she became a leading authority on many issues facing today’s youth through experiencing these issues firsthand and overcoming them. She is a graduate of Spelman College and is from Oakland, CA.

Iminah uses her gifts and talents to INSPIRE EXCELLENCE & ACTIVATE ACHIEVEMENT GLOBALLY. The IMINAH Experience is one that all can utilize to experience their best lives.

She is frequently called upon by educational, civic and social organizations to SPEAK, EDUCATE & ENTERTAIN about Academic Achievement, College to Career Transitioning, Women’s Empowerment, Cultural Competency, Sexual Health Education and many other issues pertinent to all EXPERIENCING their BEST LIVES.

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