KNOW THY SELF Nugget of the Week

The “Edwin Smith” Papyrus and the “Ebers” Papyrus are some of the oldest medical documents in the world. One is over 6,000 years old and another is over 4,000 years old and they accurately document over 48 different kinds of … Continue reading

Goddess of the Week

Nut Kemetic Goddess


Mother of the Universe, Cosmic Womb, Mother of Ideas.

Nut, (pronounced newt) is the Ancient African Goddess who embodied the concept of the heavens, of divine inspiration and the portal of all life and existence. She was worshiped throughout ancient Kemet (Egypt), and is where the concept of As Above, So below stems from.

Tap into your heavens to receive your divine inspiration! Nut is a great MINDSET to tap into for men and women…..I’m tapped in and Nut is working great for me 🙂

Visit this great site Afrika Blue Lotus for more in depth info on the goddess Nut, our cosmic mother!