KNOW THY SELF Nugget of the Week

Know They Self

The “Edwin Smith” Papyrus and the “Ebers” Papyrus are some of the oldest medical documents in the world. One is over 6,000 years old and another is over 4,000 years old and they accurately document over 48 different kinds of injuries and the surgical methods to heal them and also diagnosis & remedies of such issues as dermatology, dentistry, gynecology, pregnancy and fetal sex testing.

The amazing thing is that many of these remedies were not re-discovered until 1926 and 1933…..which encourages me  tap into the wisdom of the old!

I encourage everyone to value your traditional wisdom and KNOW THEY SELF!!!!

2 thoughts on “KNOW THY SELF Nugget of the Week

  1. Yes, people, Know Thy Self! To study and know the history of love, peace, spirituality, physical health and the practices of our ancient ancestors is the key to becoming the best we can be. Michael Jackson was often misunderstood, and his intelligence was greater than many people knew. He had his challenges but he was also a genius of music and dance. “Remember the Time” is my most favorite Michael Jackson video!

    1. Yeah I like that video too. MJ,Iman and Eddie did their thing! We need more videos like that!

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